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Kauza Cervanová

Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
Production year: 2013
Festival: 2013
Director: Robert Kirchhoff
Producer: Robert Kirchhoff
Duration: 100 min
Genre: documentary

Kauza Cervanová 37 years ago in Czechoslovakia, medical student Ludmila Cervanová was murdered. Her father, a participant in several secret missions to the Arab world, was a high-ranking party official. A frenetic investigation began in 1976 and involved the state police, secret service, a huge propaganda machine, and Czechoslovakia's president Gustáv Husák personally. Hastily fabricated testimony and evidence enabled seven men to be accused. For them, their families and lawyers, a race for survival had begun. Unsolved to this day, the case has been hanging like a cloud over the Slovak judiciary for almost 40 years. The filmmakers recount the excellently organized operation of the communist authorities, who put pressure on prosecutors to send innocent people to court. The film doesn't seek to answer who killed the woman and why. It focuses on the mechanisms emerging where law and politics meet, showing how easy it is to arouse fear and to manipulate not just individuals but an entire nation.

Robert Kirchhoff:

Slovak film director, producer, cinematographer and scriptwriter. Born in 1968 in Nitra. He studied film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He has made many feature documentaries later presented at numerous festivals. He is a founder and CEO of atelier.doc, an independent production organization focusing primarily on the production of documentary films and TV movies. He also holds an academic position at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.


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