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Anatomy of a Paper Clip

Ikeda Akira, Japan 2013, 99 min

Kogure has a job at a small factory where he works day after day making dozens of paper clips by hand from wire. He is stoical about his life.. He displays a minimum of activity with minimal commitment.

Super Local Hero

Toshinori Tanaka, Japan 2014, 91 min

A documentary focusing on Katsuhiko Nobue from the town of Onomichi. His love of people, music and nature has inspired local residents for years.. Nobue owns a CD shop but is seldom there.

Tada's Do-It-All House: Disconcerto

Tatsushi Omori, Japan 2014, 124 min

Tatsushi Omori's second film about two childhood friends. This time they are guys who have been through a lot.. Keisuke Tada owns a business called Tada's Do-It-All House.

The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji

Takashi Miike, Japan 2014, 130 min

A shot of pure adrenalin in Japanese manga style. Tattoos, extravagant hairdos and crazy outfits, diamond teeth, wild chases, all possible kinds of weapons, explosions - in this comedy everything is larger than life. Reiji Kikukawa is not much of a cop.. He graduated with the lowest score in police academy history.

The Pinkie

Lisa Takeba, Japan 2014, 65 min

Since he was five, Ryosuke has been stalked by Momoko - the ugliest girl in town. Her love is so boundless that she has her face surgically altered to suit his taste.. He still wants nothing to do with her.

The Privileges of a Child

Yui Sekine, Japan 2014, 15 min

A child has privileges: it can say something selfish, cry, indulge in daydreams, be exempted from working... However, when the time comes, these privileges won’t be accepted..



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