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Drops of Heaven

Atsunori Kawamura, Japan 2012, 113 min

Yoshiko Tatsumi is 88 years old and a culinary guru in Japan. She cooks a soup known throughout the nation as the Soup of Life which nourishes not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit.. Her deep love and understanding of nature means that the basic sense of the words "food" and "cooking" turns into the philosophical meaning of an "act of love" and "meaning of humanity".

Japan's Tragedy

Masahiro Kobayashi, Japan 2012, 101 min

Fujio Murai (played by famous actor Nakadai Tatsuya) returns to the old family home in Kanamachi, accompanied by his son Yoshio. Father and son wrestle with death and loss. Master director Masahiro Kobayashi presents a restrained family drama, shot almost entirely in black-and-white.. It is dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, but also to the 31,560 people who committed suicide in Japan in 2010. Director's statement: "When I wrote this film's screenplay, it felt as though I was writing a suicide note.

Kids Return: The Reunion

Hiroshi Shimizu, Japan 2013, 107 min

A sequel to "Kids Return", the 1996 Japanese box-office hit directed by Takeshi Kitano. In the first film, teenage friends Shinji and Masaru took completely different paths in their lives.. One became a boxer, the other a yakuza.


Daisuke Shimote, Japan 2012, 100 min

Kuro used to dream of becoming a baker, but gets fired from the bakery where she works. Eito, a photographer, breaks up with his girlfriend who he was thinking of marrying.. Gou, a theatre director, has his production thrown into jeopardy after his lead actress drops out.

The Complex

Nakata Hideo, Japan 2013, 106 min

Student nurse Asuka moves with her parents and sweet little brother to a flat in a damp, dilapidated, rather unfriendly building. She doesn't know about the mysterious deaths that occurred there 13 years ago.. She begins to hear strange sounds from the flat next door.



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