Awards at the 29th Warsaw Film Festival

On Saturday evening, October 19th, at Multikino, juries announced the winners of the 29th WFF.



The Jury members: Iulia Rugină (Romania), Yariv Horowitz (Israel), San Fu Maltha (Holland), András Muhi (Hungary), Krzysztof Varga (Poland) gave the following awards:


Warsaw Grand Prix, the main prize of the International Competition, founded by City of Warsaw:

IDA, dir. Paweł Pawlikowski (Poland)

From the superb combination of script, directing, cinematography, acting and music comes a beautiful and delicate film that portrays a ླྀs post-war Polish society, trying to get past its demons.

Best Director: Zaza Urushadze for the film TANGERINES / MANDARIINID (Estonia, Georgia)

The director of the film succeeded in telling a simple, yet very powerful story in a manner that created a warm, delicate, sweet and sour world.


Special Jury Award: for producers of the film THE GAMBLER / LOŠEJAS, dir. Ignas Jonynas (Lithuania, Latvia) – Uljana Kim, Roberts Vinovskis

From a country where film production is still in its infancy comes a film trying to deal with contemporary issues in its own society. Considering the limited resources, the producer created a vivid world, with a lot of production value.


The Jury members: Sára Cserhalmi (Hungary), Adrian Panek (Poland), Stefan Valdobrev (Bulgaria) gave ex-aequo awards for:

THE JAPANESE DOG / CÂINELE JAPONEZ, dir. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (Romania): for tenderness in showing the characters and the world.

ALIENATION / OTCHUZHDENIE, dir. Milko Lazarov (Bulgaria) for the unadorned and poetic narration of a fundamental theme.

Special Mention: SEDUCE ME / ZAPELJI ME, dir. Marko Šantić (Slovenia) for the cleverly formulated sort telling and the outstanding performance of the main character.


The Jury members: Mira Fornay (Slovakia), Arkadiusz Jakubik (Poland), Bojan - Vuk Kosovčević (Serbia) gave the Free Spirit Award to the film:


The Jury appreciates the simplicity of storytelling of "Much Better Than You" and its free spirit in a comedy genre film about an important topic of the transformation of intimacy and gender roles in modern society - the story told from male antihero's point of view.

Special Mention: RITES OF PASSAGE, dir. Phillip Crawford (Australia)

Jury gives a special mention to the film „Rites of Passage" appreciating its interesting approach to film making based on director's social work experience.


The Jury members: Cathy Pearson (Ireland), Dagne Vildziunaite (Lithuania), Michał Marczak (Poland) gave the award for best documentary film to the film:

DIRTY WARS, dir. Richard Rowley (USA)

We have chosen "Dirty Wars" because of its outstanding filmmaking and also for its courageous line of questioning. There is humanity to this film which values a single life above and beyond any governing system. It provokes thought and leaves us moved well after it is over.


The Jury members: Lendita Zeqiraj (Kosovo), Paweł Maślona (Poland), Benjamin Parent (France) gave the following awards:

- Short Grand Prix for the best short film – PANDAS / PANDY, dir. Matúš Vizár

For cynical, sad, dark, horrible but yet again hillarious reminder of what humanity has become. An original masterpiece of visual storytelling.

- Best Animated ShortHASTA SANTIAGO, dir. Mauro Carraro

For beautifully Art Directed visual choreography and emotional story, excellence in animation reminding us the greatest masters of animation.

- Best Live Action Short WHALE VALLEY / HVALFJÖRÐUR, dir. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

For outstanding cinematographic expression of a human relationship, with a extremely perceptive direction and remarkable cast performance.


The Jury FIPRESCI members: Alison Frank (UK), Gideon Kouts (France), Dejan Trajkoski (Macedonia) gave the award for best debut from Eastern Europe to the film:

YOZGAT BLUES, dir. Mahmut Fazil Coskun (Turkey)

Our Award at the 29th Warsaw Film Festival goes to "Yozgat Blues" by the Turkish Director Mahmut Fazil Coskun for its moving and full of humor portrait of human relations in a well adapted cinematographic language.



The Ecumenical Jury members: Lukas Jirsa (Czech Republic), Jarosław Szoda (Poland), Prof. Dr Jean-Michel Zucker (France) gave the award to the film:

IDA, dir. Paweł Pawlikowski (Poland)

„Ida" is a strong and complex drama of young girl brought up at a convent who undertakes a strange journey to find her true identity in hard times of postwar communist Poland. This subtle and elliptic film, shot in an ambitious black and white cinematographic style, raises questions of family bounds, forgiveness and mature faith.


The NETPAC Jury members: Magdalena Bartczak (Poland), Yelena Larionova (Kazakhstan), Andreas Ungerböck (Austria) gave the award for the best Asian film to:

HARMONY LESSONS / UROKI GARMONII, dir. Emir Baigazin (Kazakhstan)

For the depiction of a highly sensitive subject matter expressed in a striking visual manner, for its perfect casting and its amazing feeling of mise-en-scene.