27th Warsaw International Film Festival

7-16 October 2011

total audience: 101,000
cinemas: Multikino (4 rooms), Kinoteka (5 rooms)
numbers: 370 screenings, 129 full-length films and 92 shorts from 59 countries

Audience Award

  • Best Feature Film: ROSE / RÓŻA, dir. Wojciech Smarzowski (Poland)
  • Best Documentary: BUCK, dir. Cindy Meehl (USA)
  • Best Short Film: NORTH ATLANTIC, dir. Bernardo Nascimento (UK, Portugal)
  • Best Children’s Film: A CAT IN PARIS, dir. Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli (France)


The Jury: Christa Saredi, sales agent (Switzerland), Bogdan George Apetri, director (Romania/ USA), Alvaro Brechner, director (Uruguay), Milcho Manchevski, director (Macedonia), Artem Vassilev, producer (Russia) gave the following awards:

Warsaw Grand Prix, funded by the City of Warsaw: ROSE / RÓŻA (Poland), directed by Wojciech Smarzowski, producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus

Best Director Award: ANOTHER SILENCE / OTROS SILENCIOS (Argentina / Canada / Brazil / France), directed by Santiago Amigorena

Special Jury Award for Best Actor: Robert Więckiewicz in COURAGE / WYMYK (Poland), directed by Greg Zgliński

Special mention: CRULIC – THE PATH TO BEYOND / CRULIC – DRUMUL SPRE DINCOLO (Romania / Poland), directed by Anca Damian


The Jury: Sitora Alieva, festival director (Russia), Mira Staleva, market director (Bulgaria), Paweł Sala, director (Poland), gave the award to

Competition 1-2 Winner: TWILIGHT PORTRAIT / PORTRET V SUMERKAKH (Russia), directed by Angelina Nikonova
For the original approach and courage in showing the true situation of women in a world in which they turn to be stronger than the strongest man.


The Jury: Jane Schoettle, programmer of Toronto International Film Festival (Canada) Paweł Borowski, director (Poland), Auraeus Solito, director (Philipinnes) gave

the Free Spirit Award to: POMPEYA (Argentina), directed by Tamae Garateguy

The Free Spirit section was made to celebrate the artistry of films like the one we have chosen. Becouse of its unique structure, strong ideas, excellent performances, and riveting tension that builds up to an unexpected climax that breaks your expectations, the International Jury awards the Free Spirit prize to Pompeya rom Argentina.

Special Mentions: FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN / GORDO, CALVO Y BAJITO (Colombia), directed by Carlos Osuna

Beautifully done 2D animation that expresses 3D emotions.

THE SOUL OF FLIES / EL ALMA DE LAS MOSCAS (Spain), directed by Jonathan Cenzual Burley
For its poetic imagery and elegnt minimalism that tells so much.


The Jury: Liat Benhabib, director of Visual Center at Yad Vashem (Israel), Christian Frei, director (Switzerland), Janusz Mrozowski, director (Poland / France) gave

the Best Documentary Feature Award to: A BITTER TASTE OF FREEDOM (Sweden / Russia USA), directed by Marina Goldovskaya


Special Mention: BUCK (USA), directed by Cindy Meehl

The Jury: Anne Parent, co-ordinator of film market in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Grzegorz Jaroszuk, director (Poland), Sergio Oksman, director (Spain) gave the following awards:

Short Grand Prix: THE MAKING OF LONGBIRD (UK), directed by Will Anderson

Best Animated Short Film Award: BRANDT RHAPSODIE (France), directed by Francois Avril

Best Live Action Short Film Award: SILENT RIVER / APELE TAC, (Romania) directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu


FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury: Carmen Gray (New Zealand / UK), Ola Salwa (Poland), Dean Kotiga (Croatia) gave the award for the best Eastern European debut

FIPRESCI Award: AVE (Bulgaria), directed by Konstantin Bojanov

For its uncontrived, humorous, effortless and tender portrait of two young Bulgarians and their imaginative escapes.



The Ecumenical Jury: Guido Convents (Belgium), Hans Hodel (Switzerland), Marek Kotyński (Poland) gave the award to a film presented in the International Competition

Ecumenical Jury Award: COURAGE / WYMYK (Poland), directed by Greg Zgliński

In an excellent and sophisticated cinematographic language Courage deals with the issue of moral courage and the sense of guilt. It appeals for more personal responsibility.  The film is set in today’s Poland and the drama can be perceived as a kind of Abel and Kain story. Two brothers, of different characters and sensibilities, are forced to take over the direction of an Internet distribution company when their father fell ill.

Two Special Mentions: CRULIC – THE PATH TO BEYOND / CRULIC – DRUMUL SPRE DINCOLO (Romania / Poland), directed by Anca Damian

Crulic is based on a true story about the Romanian emigrant named Crulic in Poland who is accused of having robbed a Polish judge.  This animated feature-length documentary, which uses mixed animation techniques, enounces the often discriminatory attitude of authorities towards foreign migrants. It gives a voice to a man who died in an inhuman way, without being heard and who was deprived of his most elementary human rights.

GREY MATTER / MATIERE GRISE (Australia / Rwanda), directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza

Matière Grise reflects on the suffering of those who as children survived the Rwandan genocide. It denounces the mechanisms in which hatred and intolerance are created by media and eventually dehumanize human beings.  This feature film shows, how it is important for small countries and their filmmakers to tell their own stories and to reflect on issues that they value the most.



Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema. NETPAC Jury: Amaia Torrecilla Olasolo, film promoter (Spain), Jeffrey Jeturian, director (Philippines), Konrad Wągrowski, film critic and journalist (Poland) gave the award to the best Asian film in competitive section of WFF:

NETPAC Award: NO. 89 SHIMEN ROAD (Hong Kong, China / Netherlands), directed Haolun Shu

The 27th WFF NETPAC Jury gives out the award to a film that poignantly depicts the struggle of a country confronted with a new order. It is also a personal and touching view of a world that no longer exist.