4 days for the festival

31st WFF: War and history 05/10/2015 We present films from this year’s Warsaw Film Festival telling the stories with modern history and war at their center.   A Flickering Truth /... More
31st WFF: Editing workshop “The Art of Editing” 05/10/2015 We invite for 12. edition of open editing workshop “The Art of Editing” during Warsaw Film Festival, which will take place on October 14 in... More
31st WFF: Polish Classics on the 90th anniversary of FIPRESCI 04/10/2015 On the 90th anniversary of the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI, as a part of noncompetitive section “Polish Classics”, we will... More
31st WFF: Women in front of the camera 03/10/2015 A lot of films from 31st Warsaw Film Festival’s programme feature women as their main characters. Below, we list all of them.   A Monster With... More
31st WFF: Women behind the camera 02/10/2015 This year’s Warsaw Film Festival is rich with feature films directed by women. Below, we present all of them.   A Flickering Truth / Migotanie... More
31st WFF: Festitval Club 01/10/2015 During  31st Warsaw Film Festival we welcome all viewers and guests of the festival to visit our Festival Club - Cafe Kulturalna at the Dramatic... More
31st WFF: Coming of age 01/10/2015 Growing up is one of the most popular film topics since the very beginning of cinema Below is a list of films from the programme of this... More
31st WFF: Official mobile app 01/10/2015 Feel free to download the official mobile app of 31st Warsaw Film Festival. App is available in new version, updated for this year’s edition of... More
31st WFF: Scandinavia and surroundings 30/09/2015 At this year’s Warsaw Film Festival, naturally, there will be something for fans of the Scandinavian cinema. Below, we present list of films from... More
31. WFF: American Indie Cinema 30/09/2015 American independent cinema remains incredibly popular all around the world. One of this year’s best indie films will be part of 31st Warsaw Film... More